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Amazing Paper Grace April Die of the Month Blog Hop – Dahlia Dimensional Doily


This month is coming up all flowers!  We turned spring up a notch and have more "unique" blooming flowers for you to try.  Today I’m introducing a set of dimensional flowers in the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the month for April 2021, Dahlia Dimensional Doily.

Dies were furnished to Creative Team Members by Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace.

Three new flowers.  We are showcasing three new flowers!  Easy, easier, easiest.  Easy – Dahlia Dimensional Doily is a flower made with round disks that link together to form the base and the petals.  Built on the same concept as dimensional doilies, this representation of flowers creates a focal element that has some height.  Easier – One round piece in the set, with eight cut and folded circles combines to make a familiar round dimensional flower.  Easiest – Sweet spiral flowers with a score line that lets you fold over and shape the spiral. Oh, and don’t forget a background that when cut twice gives you a full A2 Background.

All together the background and flowers create a sweet, layered dimensional finished card that can be made for an A2 or an A7 card base!


There are 11 dies included in the Dahlia Dimensional Doily.



My Project Today using Dahlia Dimensional Doily.


Supplies: foamiran, handmade paper, Latarnia Morska kraft card box
Paper: Kraft and red cardstock, Mintay Papers: “Farmlife”, “Springtime” :
Amazing Paper Grace April 2021 Die of the Month – Dahlia Dimensional Doily




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The Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month is available exclusively at Spellbinders Paper Arts during April 2021. Dahlia Dimensional Doily at the special kit club price, along with other membership perks.


View this month’s Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month!



Dhalia Dimensional Doily Die

How will you use the Dahlia Dimensional Doily die?

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4 myśli na temat “Amazing Paper Grace April Die of the Month Blog Hop – Dahlia Dimensional Doily

  1. Aggie, this is as sweet as it can be! I swoon over your color choices and have a weak spot for gingham – I think everyone does. What a fun collection of spring filled colors. Your card simply as sweet and light hearted as laughter.



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