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Amazing Paper Grace – Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines Collection Intro Blog Hop


If you like slimline cards, then you are up for a treat! A new collection from Amazing Paper Grace has just been released – Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines.

The collection consists of die-cut sets that match each other in style perfectly.
I was most impressed by the beautiful openwork backgrounds and unusual flowers; with these dies you can make amazing cards, and not only in a slim format!

***Projects for today’s post were used with dies provided by Amazing Paper Grace.***


My Projects for Today

These are two cards I created to show the possibilities of these dies, so one is the slimline format and the other is a small cardlet. Both are made using the same dies, I just cut the diecuts into smaller pieces to use them on the cardlet.

The flowers are really interesting and so easy to make – they have layers and look dimensional, but at the same time they stay rather flat and make the card easy to post via snailmail. I am just in awe! And you?  :)



These are the die sets I used on my cards:

Half Slimline Bracket Etched Dies from the Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines Collection S4-1199 

Layered Lilies Etched Dies from the Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines Collection S4-1192

S4-1199 Half Slimline Bracket

S4-1192 Layered Lilies

Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines Availability:
These dies and plates are available from Spellbinders right now! Click here:
Layered Fleur Bouquet Slimlines Collection.


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