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Amazing Paper Grace November Die of the Month Blog Hop – Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh




If you haven’t already jumped into Christmas preparations, are you ready to sleigh it?  Today we are sharing the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month for November 2020 – Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh.  This one is a little bit different because it folds down flat for mailing as do all the dies in the 3D Vignette lines.


Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace sent me these lovely dies to create with.



Poinsettia Sleigh Details


This die can be used as flat detail on a 2D surface but transforms into a 3D show piece so easily that we’re happy you will have both options.  Becca traditionally creates a high end die that doubles as a decoration piece in November of each year.  Let’s just call it icing on the cake for the holidays.  It’s really a satisfying venture to grab a cup of coffee and sit down to put it together as it is to set it out on the table.

Today we want to inspire you to think of different combinations using the Poinsettia Sleigh.  Here’s what we had in mind:


Table Center Piece
Table Setting Favor
Filled with Candy and Goodies
Part of a Wonderland Menagerie
Flat 2D on the front of a card


In the comments let us know how you think it should be used.

There are 21 dies included in the Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh


APGDOM-NOV20 Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh


My Project Today using the Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh

I made a set of a sleigh with poinsettias and a wreath card, in a bit rustical style. I love how the natural colors of kraft and red cardstock look together, giving the lovely effect.I also used these great poinsettia dies to make flowers for a wreath card.

Designer Tip:  I used an embossing stylus to “unflatten” the paper diecuts and give my poinsettias more natural look




Supplies: silver microbeads, embossing stylus, white gems
Stamps:  Agateria “Wesołych Świąt”
Paper: Piatek13 “Four Season: Winter” paper pad, red and kraft cardstock, Coredinations cardstock
Ink: Latarnia Morska “Dark Chocolate”
Accessories:  Amazing Paper Grace November 2020 Die of the Month – Pop Up 3D Vignette Poinsettia Sleigh


In the Amazing Paper Grace Creative Encouragement Facebook Group there are two Step-by-Step Tutorials that take a novice through creating some spectacular poinsettias.  I hope you’ll join the group so that you have both of those methods in your toolbox.  They’ll come in handy this Christmas Season.


You can also view the 6.5 minute Youtube on the Poinsettia Sleigh Assembly.


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    1. Thank you Ellen for your kind words :) It;s hard to show on the photos how nice this dimensional sleigh looks like! Poinsettias are wonderful – the dies and embossing effect on them – so natural! :))



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