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Amazing Paper Grace August 2022 Die of the Month

Today I’m pleased to show work done with the Die of The Month set from Amazing Paper Grace – Peekaboo Trellis Panels. As always, the set is full of gorgeous dies that are very inspiring to create.

***Today’s creations were created with the dies supplied by Amazing Paper Grace***

There are 13 cutting dies included in the Peekaboo Trellis Panels:


The set includes two beautiful floral designs with which you can make an openwork background, layered flowers and leaves, and the word „Hugs” – a rich set with everything you need. At my place you can see an oblong, elegant card with a small box for some trinket as a gift, which I made with the same scrapbooking papers and decorated with similar motifs.

Amazing Paper Grace August 2022 Die of the Month – Peekaboo Trellis Panels
Papers: Paper Heaven scrapbooking papers – 12” pad

The Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month is available exclusively at Spellbinders Paper Arts during August 2022, Peekaboo Trellis Panels along with other membership perks.

View this month’s Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month!

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  1. The perfect dreamy background which creates such a wonderful backdrop for the flowers. It evokes for me memories a soft moonlight feeling for those wonderfully colored roses. A nice achievement!



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