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Amazing Paper Grace July 2022 Die of the Month

This is the time of the month that I inspire you with new set of dies from Amazing Paper Grace – Die of The Month. This one is really delightful – Tiara Trifold. These dies allow you to make folded cards in the form of accordion, and they will also be great for mini albums.
Different cutting combinations allow you to cut openwork or solid shapes. As usual, smaller ornaments are also included – as sentiment, tiny flowers and leaves.

***Today’s creations were created with the dies supplied by Amazing Paper Grace***

There are 13 cutting dies included in the Tiara Trifold.


On the card I present today, I tried to show the possibilities of this set. The first part of the card is completely openwork, and the following parts are full. I decorated the individual panels with small flowers and leaves. On the openwork front I placed an inscription. The whole set looks beautiful, especially placed, for example, on a shelf or mantelpiece.

Amazing Paper Grace July 2022 Die of the Month –
Tiara Trifold.

Papers: scrapbooking paper by Mintay Papers

The Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month is available exclusively at Spellbinders Paper Arts during July 2022, Tiara Trifold along with other membership perks.

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