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Amazing Paper Grace October Die of the Month Blog Hop – Flourished Fleurit


Elegance is our go-to style at Amazing Paper Grace.  We are always on the hunt for those elegant elements that you can add to a card that gives it just the right feel and appeal.  This month we’re head over heels for a year around a cascade of tendrils that can be snipped here and there to be used for top and bottom card decoration.  Say welcome to the Amazing Paper Grace October 2021 Die of the Month – Flourished Fleurit.

The inspiration for Flourished Fleurit comes from looking through our stashes for just the right Rectangle or just the right Square.  Guess what – Flourished Fleurit can be both.  A snip here or a snip there puts give is just the right proportion to be a rectangle or a square.  We cleverly added in sprigs of flowers so that you can cover your transitions.  Hunting for elegant corners for a slimline – look no further.  A slip or two has you covered.



Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create:

1.  Snip between all four corners for slimline decoration
2.  Snip between the connecting rod and cinch for a square
3.  Cut as a rectangle for a beautiful A7 layout with many options.

**Dies for my creations today were supplied by Amazing Paper Grace.**



There are 9 dies included in the Flourished Fleurit.



My Project Today using Flourished Fleurit.




I love the festive feel of this die set so I made a big Christmas card and a gift card holder in matching design. I used gold-mirror cardstock for these open scrollwork and it turned out just gorgeous.

Designer Tip: The biggest die has a fancy shape that is really great for making a card base, I created a gift card folder by folding the cardstock die cut in a half.

Amazing Paper Grace October 2021 Die of the Month – Flourished Fleurit

Stamps: none
Paper:  Mintay Papers, gold-mirror cardstock
Ink: none

For more Flourished Fleurit Inspiration

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The Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month is available exclusively at Spellbinders Paper Arts during October 2021. Flourished Fleurit at the special kit club price, along with other membership perks.

View this month’s Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month!





Would love to hear from you! Comment on how will you use the dies!



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14 myśli na temat “Amazing Paper Grace October Die of the Month Blog Hop – Flourished Fleurit

  1. I would certainly love receiving a Christmas card like the one you have created using the Die of the Month. It’s beautiful and elegant and the gift card holder is adorable.


  2. I am working on my Holiday Cards and you have inspired me so much! The Nutcracker card …wow! Stunning! I also love the tip you gave about making the biggest die into a gift card holder. I would have never thought of that! Stunning!



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