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Home Sweet Home – Pop Up 3D Vignette


It’s so true that all paths lead home.  It’s during this long stint with the pandemic that many of us have come to realize that it doesn’t matter where you are; it’s the people you are with.  That’s the inspiration that fed into the creation of the July 2021 Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month, Pop Up 3D Vignette Home Sweet Home.  The sentiment that comes within the set says it all – You are My Home.

There’s just something so quaint and sweet about little houses.  They mean so much to us – a place of safety, a place of comfort, a place of love.  It’s only fitting that one should show up as a Mini Vignette!  This card folds flat to fit into an envelope to be sent through the mail.  It beckons you to insert your favorite pictures, a multipage note or sweet nothings on the three panels that rest inside.

Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create:
1.  A mini scrapbook album
2.  A table centerpiece with a house on each side
3.  Separate the small house facade and use it on a card, a scrapbook layout, and beyond!


There are 21 dies included in the Pop Up 3D Vignette Home Sweet Home:


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