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APG December 2020 Die of the Month – Rose Garden Promise


Today I am introducing the Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month for December 2020,

Rose Garden Promise.


Becca Feeken of Amazing Paper Grace sent me these beautiful dies to create with.

Becca shares her inspiration for this 5×7-inch frame-worthy card front that resembles the look of stained glass.  She says, " ‚God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December,’ a quote by James M Barrie. It is precisely that quote that inspired me to think of roses at the end of the year. It has much to do with the promise of an approaching spring, buds bursting forward, and the gift of hope.  As one who loves rituals, I finished off 2019 with a die template that featured roses and decided it was worthwhile to pay them homage at the end of 2020."

Isn’t it only fitting to go forward with hope for the future and for new and worthwhile things that will break through.  From the entire Amazing Paper Grace Creative Team, let this be a beautiful end to your year; we hope that through making, it brings with it the bonus of lovely memories. 


We want to inspire you with different combinations using the December Die of the Month, Rose Garden Promise etched die.

These are a few of our ideas!

  1. Stained Glass
  2. Wedding Card
  3. Shaker Card
  4. Anniversary Card
  5. Window Card
  6. Valentine’s Day Card


I bet you can come up with a few, share them in a comment!


There are four (4) dies included in the Rose Garden Promise


My Project Today using Rose Garden Promise

Here is the card (5×7”) and a set of two little notebooks that I created using this die. The big roses are so decorative that I kept the composition and my color choices simple. With the card I went for a bit rustic look with outstanding shiny gold roses. Leaves are additionally painted with a bit of a dark brown watercolor paint.


Designer Tip:

To make the notebooks, I glued golden cardstock diecut on the colorful scrapbooking paper, than scored it in a half to make a cover. White pages inside are stiched to the cover. I love their simple, but elegant look and they are super easy to make!


Supplies: Jane Davenport watercolors, gems from a stationary store.
Paper: Mintay Papers, golden cardstock, dark brown metallic cardstock,
Amazing Paper Grace December 2020 Die of the Month -  Rose Garden Promise


Visit the Creative Team for more Rose Garden Promise Inspiration

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The Amazing Paper Grace Die of the Month Rose Garden Promise is available exclusively at Spellbinders Paper Arts during December 2020. Rose Garden Promise at the special kit club price, along with other membership perks.

View the Rose Garden Promise Video Here: 


How would you use the Rose Garden Promise die? Tell me in a comment!

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